The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers




The Best Ballet Books for Toddlers

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If you have a tiny dancer twirling circles around your living room, then you might want to think about buying ballet books.

The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers - Dance Recital Gifts

They’re entertaining, humorous, and offer a fun way to bond with your kid while also reading.

Most importantly, these books will help your kid nail the basics down. Sure, they’re fun, and the visuals are an eye-treat, but they’re also informative. So today, we’re looking at some of the best ballet books for toddlers.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Top Five Ballet Books for Your Baby Ballerina

After a thorough search, we gathered some of the best ballet books for your tiny dancer. These books are educational, fun, and short. They’re also easy enough to follow for your toddler. Check them out!


1. I’m a Ballerina!

The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers - Dance Recital Gifts

Author Sue Fliess is responsible for an array of children’s books, including the ballet-themed I’m a Ballerina! The premise is simple and relatable: the tiny protagonist invites us to her ballet class, and we witness her first-ever recital.

The story introduces children to a ballet classroom, quickly familiarizing them with what happens inside a class. It then goes on to offer a view into the proceedings of a ballet recital, as well as five positions in ballet. All of this is supported by gorgeous, whimsical artwork, which is the work of talented illustrator Joey Chou.

This book isn’t just a good bedtime story to lull your toddler to sleep. It’s a perfect primer for any ballerina-to-be. It gives children an idea of what to expect in a class, all while being engaging.

The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers - Dance Recital GiftsThings That We Liked

  • Gorgeous artwork
  • Simple and easy to follow
  • Great value for money
  • Part of the Little Golden Books series

Things That We Did Not Like

  • Book has no proper spine; hardback cover may seem a bit “cheap.”
  • The color pink is almost overwhelming in this book.


2. Tallulah’s Tutu

Tallulah’s Tutu packs an all-too-familiar story: a kid likes how ballet looks, but they don’t like how dance is. Our young heroine, Tallulah, wants to get a tutu. But she has to earn it, and to earn one isn’t as easy as it looks.

A unique, quirky style marks the illustrations, and the dialogue is full of French ballet vocabulary. However, this engaging, funny story isn’t about ballet only: it’s about discipline and hard work. After all, ballet is more than just sparkly tutus.

Make no mistake: pretty outfits are great. However, perseverance is excellent as well. This story will satisfy your kid’s craving for the glamor of ballet while teaching them it’s more than just sparkly tutus.

Things That We Liked

  • Include beginner ballet vocabulary
  • Unique illustration
  • Promotes hard work and persistent practice
  • There are four other books about dance in the Tallulah series

Things That We Did Not Like

  • In the story, Tallulah teases a boy about wearing a tutu
  • Some parents may find that Tallulah’s behavior with other children is not appropriate


3.   I Wear My Tutu Everywhere!

Short and sweet, this book introduces us to a young ballerina named Tilly. Accompanying her is a dilemma: her tutu. It goes with her everywhere, ranging from the pool to the zoo. So what will she do when her precious tutu gets torn?
It’s an incredibly adorable book about one tiny ballerina. If your kid loves her tutu, then she’ll perfectly understand Tilly’s pain. Moreover, the story is accompanied by charming yet straightforward artwork, along with French ballet terminology.

Although the book publishers recommend for kids ranging from 4 to 8 years old, it’s entirely appropriate for toddlers. Older kids may not be as impressed with the simple and straightforward story, especially if they’ve already been to a few ballet classes.

Things That We Liked

  • Easy to follow
  • Charming illustration
  • Ideal for younger toddlers

Things That We Did Not Like

  • Isn’t “advanced” enough for older kids


4.   Ballerina Girl

Forget about mastering French ballet vocab and navigating recitals. Ballerina Girl doesn’t go into the world of ballet, but instead skirts around it: a little girl pretends she’s a ballerina, puts on a costume, and performs for an audience.
Full-color artwork adorns every page from top to bottom. While it isn’t as charming as some of the other books on the list, it manages to hold its own. But where this book shines isn’t in its artwork or its plot.

If your kid is a phonetic reader, then this fun little story is for you. It’s a perfect way to introduce your child to reading and start working on their fluency. Easy-to-read sentences and words, including CVC words, dot the story.

Things That We Liked

  • Ideal for toddlers who are learning to read
  • Full-color illustration in every page
  • Includes CVC words

Things That We Did Not Like

  • Isn’t suitable for non-beginner readers


5. Fancy Nancy: Budding Ballerina

The best ballet books for toddlers are bound to hold their interest. The story is entertaining but straightforward enough. When young ballerina Nancy tries to teach her father ballet, a great idea comes knocking at her door. What if she opened a ballet school?
As the pages unfold, we find ourselves invited to little Nancy’s school. In it, she displays her knowledge through graceful pirouettes and skillful jetés. Even her dog takes part in her school!

The reason this book could be an excellent option for your tiny dancer is because of its educational nature. It displays some basic positions in ballet that any young ballerina has to know. If your kid has just started attending ballet classes, this book could encourage her to practice more.

Fancy Nancy is currently on TV under Disney Junior, so if your dancer loves the book, she may want to watch the ballet episodes as well.

Things That We Liked

Things That We Did Not Like

  • The story might be too simple for older toddlers

Why Ballet Can Be Good for Your Toddler

The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers - Dance Recital Gifts

Ballet boasts an impressive array of benefits for your toddler. It promotes physical flexibility, improves concentration, and encourages body awareness. However, these aren’t the only things it has to offer.

Discipline and Perseverance

Of course, your child won’t grasp the intricacies of ballet at the tender age of two. However, they’re learning all about the importance of listening and following. Ballet class will also teach them discipline and perseverance.

Self Confidence

By putting your child in a positive environment with other children, you’re enhancing their social skills. You’re also building their self-confidence.

Social Skills

Some children may have a hard time making friends. Others have a hard time even making eye contact. But as they spend more time in class, they’ll start to come out of their shell. This will help them tremendously in the future as they begin to form friendships.

The Best Ballet Books for Toddlers

The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers - Dance Recital GiftsOverall, we’d say Fancy Nancy: Budding Ballerina is an ideal pick for you. It’s both entertaining and highly educational. You’ll have tons of fun twirling around the house with your family while reading the book and watching the show.The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers - Dance Recital Gifts

The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers - Dance Recital Gifts



The 5 Best Ballet Books for Toddlers - Dance Recital GiftsTallulah’s Tutu is another option worthy of your consideration. It manages to pack in all the glitter and pretty chiffon of ballet with its hard work and discipline. The artwork is also beautiful, and it offers excellent value for money.


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