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The Best Dance Teacher Mugs on Zazzle

When approaching the final dance recital, you may want to consider purchasing your dance teacher a gift. It could be recital flowers or something more personal. After all, you have been with the same dance teacher for a whole year. Giving your teacher a present is an excellent idea. It helps them realize how much you appreciate their time, hard work, and dedication to you as a dance student. But finding the right present for the, in general, can be a difficult task. We’re here to help with reviews on the best dance teacher mugs on

Cups are not only a thoughtful present to give to someone, but they’re also appropriate and extremely convenient. Practically everyone has used a mug before in their lifetime, and dance coaches are famous for drinking coffee.


In this guide, we are looking on Zazzle, an online marketplace, to find the best mug for your dance teacher.

Need a Gift Fast? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Love to Teach Dance Travel Mug - Best Dance Teacher Mugs at Dance Recital

The Best Dance Teacher Mug: Love to Teach Dance Travel Mug

1. Dance Begins Where Worlds End Custom Name Mug


Dance Begins Where Words End Custom Name Coffee Mug

We like this mug because it gives you the chance to completely customize how you want it to look. Specifically, you have the option to either add names or even unique photos to the mug to wow your teacher. Your teacher will then be able to think of you whenever they use the coffee cup that you give them.

Not only that, but we recommend this mug for you because it has a durable ceramic construction that can withstand wear and tear. Because of that, your dance coach can use the mug for an extended time before it risks breaking. Additionally, it also comes with a handle, which can offer comfortable usability. It also prevents your dance coach’s skin from burning on the hot ceramic when there is coffee or other hot liquid in the cup.

Furthermore, this mug can safely fit in the dishwasher without you having to worry about it melting or damaging the dishwasher. Not only that, but this mug can also withstand the microwave as well. Consequently, your teacher can quickly re-heat up their coffee half-way through the day. This product can support both hot and cold liquids, so your teacher can utilize the cup for a wide variety of fluids.

Things we like:

  • Completely customize for your teacher
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Contains a strong and durable ceramic construction
  • Meets FDA requirements for beverage safety
  • Comes with a handle for easy usability
  • Works well with either hot or cold beverages

Things we don’t:

  • Only able to fit up to 15 ounces, so it’s smaller than other mugs on the market
  • Isn’t very portable, since it can’t fit in cup holders
  • The liquid may easily spill since there is no lid to go with the cup

2. Love to Teach Dance Travel Cup

Love to Teach Dance Travel Mug
This travel cup by Dancin Darling, who is known for their ability to make a wide variety of cups for all types of dance trainers. We recommend this travel cup because it is fully customized to fit your relationship with your teacher. More specifically, you can add your favorite monogram, photos, patterns, or even different designs to this travel cup.

Because of that, you can give your dance coach a more personal present. They will remember you as well as the memories that you have created together throughout the year. In addition to those features, we suggest this travel cup because it gives your dance coach the ability to transport this dance teacher mug around with them wherever they go.

This travel cup comes with a rubber-lined lid that allows for a tight and spill-resistant seal. This seal prevents the liquid inside from spilling or leaking from the coffee cup. Not only that, but you can also efficiently utilize the container since it only requires you to twist the lid to use the sip opening. This cup can fit up to 14 ounces, so it’s capable of fitting a more significant amount of liquid than many other cups on the market.

Moreover, this travel cup has a durable stainless steel body that is resistant to any scratches or cracks. This resistance is beneficial because it prevents the cup from experiencing damage if it’s dropped while on-the-go. It also comes with a plastic handle and a double-walled construction for even more durability.

Things we like:

  • Able to be customized, since you can add any picture or design to the mug that you want
  • Comes with a rubber-lined lid for a tight seal that prevents spills
  • Easy usability, since you only have to twist the top to open it
  • Handle prevents your hand from burning while holding the cup
  • Contains a double-walled construction to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold
  • Fits up to 14 ounces of liquid

Things we don’t:

  • The handle is plastic, so it’s not very durable
  • Not recommended for microwave use
  • This mug isn’t suitable for use in the dishwasher

3. Dance Teacher Choreography Personalized Mug

Dance Teacher Choreography Personalized Coffee Mug- Best Dance Teacher Mugs at Dance Recital Gifts.comThis personalized dance teacher mug would be an excellent present for your dance coach because it comes with a quote that’s highly relatable to them. Additionally, you are also able to personalize the cup to fit your relationship with your teacher. This mug can also hold up to 15 ounces, which is more than most other coffee dishes allow.

In addition to that, this mug we recommend because it’s able to withstand use in the microwave. Because of that, your teacher can conveniently heat their drink throughout the day. Additionally, this mug is made with robust ceramic construction, which can provide for maximized durability. You can even use the durable handle to prevent your hand from burning.

Things we like:

  • Prevents your skin from burning, since it comes with a durable handle to use
  • Safe to use in the dishwasher as well as the microwave
  • Fits up to 15 ounces of liquid
  • Meets FDA requirements for beverage safety
  • Lets you completely customize the mug with photos and designs

Things we don’t:

  • Hard to transport, since it doesn’t fit into car cup holders
  • Doesn’t prevent spills

4. World’s Greatest Dance Teacher Pink and Turquoise Mug for Travel

World's Greatest Dance Teacher - Pink and Turquoise Travel MugThis travel cup by Dancin Darling is high on our list for you to check out because it comes with a rubber-lined lid that can create a tight and spill-resistant seal. This dance teacher mug also offers effortless usability, since you are only required to twist the cap to reveal the sip opening. This accessibility not only creates an easy way for your dance coach to utilize the cup while on the go, but it also promotes safety and health. The sip opening will be covered until you reveal it after twisting the lid, so it’s not always open for germs and other debris.

Furthermore, this travel cup contains a double-walled stainless steel construction that adds for maximized durability. Likewise, the double-wall construction also keeps the liquid inside the cup hot or cold for more extended periods. Because of that, your dance coach will be able to sip on their coffee or tea practically all day long. They also will be able to carry the travel cup around anywhere they go since it’s ready to withstand a large amount of wear and tear.

Things we like:

  • Allows for easy portability, since it comes with a lid
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof
  • Double-wall construction for maximized durability
  • Keeps liquids hotter or colder for more extended periods
  • Holds 14 ounces of juice
  • Comes with a spill-resistant seal

Things we don’t:

  • Not safe for use in the microwave
  • Isn’t recommended for the dishwasher

5. Teacher Humor Mug for Dancers

Dance Teacher Humor MugIf you have a fun and meaningful relationship with your dance coach, then this dance teacher mug may be the right one for you. This coffee dish comes with a funny but relatable quote on it that will make your teacher always remember the fun memories that they’ve had with you. Not only that, but this mug comes in a bright color that’s able to act as an excellent base for a photo, logo, or a particular quote that you want. This option helps you further customize the mug to fit you as well as your teacher’s relationship together.

Furthermore, this mug was produced by The Common Flower, who gives you the option to customize the dish in any way that you want. Not only that, but you can choose the specific overall color of this mug to match your teacher’s favorite color or the designs that you decided to put on it. You can also wash this dish in the dishwasher, so it’s easy to clean. And it can also be used in the microwave, so they can conveniently heat their coffee or tea throughout the day.

Things we like:

  • Meets FDA requirements for safety
  • Can fit a logo, photo, or a saying of your choice
  • Contains a funny and relatable quote for your dance coach
  • Fits up to 15 ounces of liquid
  • Comes with a strong ceramic construction
  • Has a handle for easy usability

Things we don’t:

  • Too large to fit in any car cup holders
  • Not portable for traveling
  • The handle is very slim

Buying Guide

Travel mug vs. Coffee cup

Both travel mugs, as well as coffee cups, are classified as types of drinkware that you can utilize while sipping on either hot or more refreshing beverages. Both of these types of drinkware can be used at home, on the go, or wherever you need to bring a drink with you.

Even though they both have similar purposes, they can also have very different features and characteristics. More specifically, travel mugs can transport easily, since they come with a lid and prevent spilling or leaking from occurring. Not only that, but travel mugs are also able to keep beverages hot or cold for more extended periods. They come with a more durable and long-lasting construction so that the liquids will have less contact with the external air.

Travel mugs typically come with no handle, but sometimes you can find one that offers both portability as well as a handle. Likewise, travel cups occasionally able to hold more liquid than coffee cups, and they come with a thicker and more durable construction. On the other hand, coffee mugs usually come with a handle, since the glass material can be too hot to hold when it’s filled with hot liquids. Not only that, but coffee mugs are also not as portable as travel mugs, since they don’t usually come with a lid and they can spill easily.

Given these different features, you may want to consider how your dance instructor would most likely use their mug. Regardless, if you’re completely unsure about which type of cup to gift them, we recommend a coffee mug, since they can be utilized at home all the time.

Features to Look for in Mugs

Whether you are looking at travel mugs or other drinking cups, there are certain features that you should look for in your dance teacher mug.

Heat retention

You should consider whether the particular type of mug you’re purchasing has excellent heat retention. Mugs with high heat retention abilities are generally able to keep hot beverages warmer for more extended periods. Given that, your dance instructor will then be able to bring their hot coffee to work every day and still be able to drink hot coffee throughout their morning routine.


We recommend making sure that the mug you purchase can refrain from leaking. There are a large number of travel mugs on the market that start leaking over time eventually. To find a leak-proof cup, you should look at the reviews of the product as well as the accessories. More specifically, if the mug comes with a locking lid, then the chances of it leaking are smaller than just a basic cover.

Not only that, but you may also find it helpful to consider the specific type of material is used when the mug is produced. Some elements can offer more durability than others. Consequently, products that have higher strength will usually not risk leakage as much.


It’s also important to consider how easy the mug is to use before purchasing it. For instance, you don’t want to buy a mug that’s uncomfortable to hold, squeezes your fingers, or requires two hands to operate it. Instead, you’ll want to purchase a mug that is:

  • easy to carry
  • is comfortable
  • doesn’t make the material too hot or cold to touch when it’s full.

The material that a mug is made from is a significant determining factor in how uncomfortable the cup would be to hold. Not only that, but some mugs even come with extra cushioning for your comfort while utilizing the mug.


For travel mugs, they should be produced from a material that’s able to withstand being dropped without cracking or breaking easily. On the other hand, general coffee drinking cups are made with glass, so they’re not as durable as travel mugs. But you should consider how thick the handle is since the handle is usually the first thing to fall off of the drinking cup.

Easy to clean

Some travel mugs aren’t able to withstand the dishwasher, so you should consider how easy they are to clean. Some mugs are too small for you to fit your hand and a sponge inside of, making it extremely difficult to clean. Most drinking wear that isn’t a travel mug can be washed in the dishwasher. Overall, consider the particular type of material that each mug is produced with, and that will generally help you figure out how easy it is to wash.


When will they use the mug most?

It’s important to consider when your dance instructor will use the mug the most. Consider this: Do they often come to dance class with a travel cup? Or do you think they have already drunk coffee in the morning before coming? This consideration will help you decide whether it would be more beneficial to give them a travel mug or a different type of drinking cup.

What do you want the design to say?

You should consider whether you want the logo or design on the travel cup to say. You can do something:

  • cheesy, and cute
  • sweet and meaningful
  • or whether you want the mug to be personalized to fit your teacher’s personality
  • You may also want to consider giving them a cup that has a picture or two of both of you together.

The material of their other mugs

You may find it helpful to consider what material their other mugs and drinking cups are, since they may seem to prefer this material over other ones. More specifically, stainless steel or aluminum mugs are the most popular for traveling and on-the-go because of their durable nature as well as their ability to retain the heat of the liquid inside.

On the other hand, plastic mugs aren’t as durable, and they can crack, scratch, or break easily when dropped. Not only that, but plastic mugs also tend to stain over time. So if your teacher is using it for coffee every day, then the mug will look worse over time.


You want to consider purchasing a mug that is larger and can hold a higher amount of liquid inside, but this may also make the mug challenging to transport when needed. Not only that but having a large mug that isn’t able to retain its heat very well is not recommended because the liquid will get cold over time.

About Zazzle is an online marketplace in which designers of all kinds can list their creations online for other people like you to purchase them. More specifically, Zazzle is a website that contains different types of products that artists from all around the world create fabulous designs. Artists posting their products on Zazzle include anywhere from professional artists, patent holders, investors, musicians, or even manufacturing gurus.

Check out this video to get an inside look to their drinkware:


Regarding the products listed here individually, these were also produced by various designers. For instance, product 1: Dance Begins Where Worlds End Custom Name Mug is made by tuscangarden, who is a designer based in Florence, United States. They specifically create content for interior design, but they have several different products that can be for gift-giving.

In addition to that, products 2, 3, and four were all produced by Dancin Darling. This is a designer from Dallas, Texas that creates products related to dance. More specifically, Dancin Darling creates gifts for dance mentors, such as posters, ornaments, bags, cups, and even various articles of clothing.

Lastly, product 5: Teacher Humor Mug is by The Common Flower. This designer, located in Sugar Land, Texas, creates more humorous inventions. More specifically, they create funny content and quotes to place on particular objects, including baby clothes, adult clothing, jewelry, dishes, and even smaller accessories, like keychains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can mugs go in the microwave?

It depends on the material of the mug, but most mugs produced with a glass material can be safely microwaved for your convenience. On the other hand, travel cups present a different result. Depending on their material, most of them are not able to go into the microwave.

Travel cups are most commonly produced with either a stainless steel or aluminum construction. Both are not recommended to place in the microwave because of their inability to react safely with the microwave. Stainless steel or aluminum cups can even damage your microwave. Additionally, the mug’s material won’t allow the heat from the microwave to heat the liquid inside the cup properly. Because of that, you won’t find any benefit from placing travel cups in the microwave anyway.

On the other hand, if you have a plastic travel cup, then it may or may not be able to withstand the microwave. Because of that, you should read the label on the cup to make sure.

Can cups for hot coffee also be used for colder liquids?

Even though certain cups are specifically for coffee, you may also be able to put colder liquids in them as well. With most materials that cups created with, cooler liquids aren’t able to cause damage.

On the other hand, if you place hot liquids into cups that are specifically for cold liquids, then there is more risk of damage occurring. This risk is especially true if you have a drinking cup that comes with a straw since the hotter liquids will most likely damage the straw.

Can travel cups with lids tip over and spill?

Depending on the quality of the product and construction of the cup – most higher-quality travel cups can be tipped over. If the travel cup comes with a lid that is sealed tightly, then the chances of liquid leak outing even after the cup is tipped are limited.

Our Top Pick For Best Dance Teacher Mug Is The Love To Teach Dance Travel Cup

Overall, each of the products included in this list gives you the ability to provide a thoughtful, humorous, and meaningful present for your dance coach before a recital. To choose the best one for you, we advise you to review each product’s features. Our top choice is the Love to Teach Dance Travel Cup since it’s able to provide the best benefits for you while remaining available for an affordable price.

If you are looking for a true coffee cup our second pick is the Personalized Coffee before Choreography dance teacher mug. This is a classic mug in a feminine color with the ability to add your instructor’s name.

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