The Best Dolls for Little Dancers

Do you have a daughter age three to seven that loves to dance? Looking for that perfect dance recital gift? We’re here to help with reviews on the best dolls for little dancers.

There are plenty of options available on Amazon for girls under seven. Plus you can typically get them delivered directly to your home in a day or two without any additional charge. In this guide, we are looking at several different options to help you find the perfect present your child will love.

1. Plush Ballerina Doll

The Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsThe Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital Gifts

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The first option that we are going to look at is one that is soft and plush. It is the dear friend for any dancer, and it is dressed up like a ballerina. This little girl comes in three versions that any princess would love. These colors include hot pink, soft pink, and purple dress that is sure to be appreciated by your young lady. Pink and purple are the favorite color of most little girls so imagine what a tutu of their favorite color will do for their happiness.

The dolly is super soft and comfortable to hold – which makes it the perfect friend to carry to and from dance class. The hair is made of yarn that is pulled up into a ponytail with a pink polka dotted bow. This hair can be styled by your little one, which will only add to her enjoyment of the dolly. She has on a cute dress as well as a pair of shoes – your little one can practice lacing up her own ballerina shoes! This feature makes this little companion perfect for aspiring ballerinas like your daughter.

The little ballerina also has a silver choker around her neck as well as big blue eyes that are incredibly bright and easy to read. The smile on her face will encourage your little girl to use her imagination to play with the ballerina.

Things That We Liked

  • The soft fabric of the toy.
  • The beautiful design of the dress.
  • The shoes can easily tie for practice.

Things That We Did Not Like

  • The hair is thin.
  • The stitching is not the best.
  • The legs of the ballerina are very long.

2. La Bella Ballerina

The Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsThe Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital Gifts Buy on Amazon

La Bella Ballerina is a 36-inch toy full of wonder for a young girl. There are two color options that your little one can choose from with this toy. It comes in a soft pink dress as well as a lavender color that any little girl will adore. The pink option is designed with blue eyes and blonde hair. The purple option comes with brown hair and brown eyes.

The doll is a full 26 inches tall so it will be a great dance partner for any child around that size. Also, the body of the ballerina is soft, so that your little one can enjoy cuddling or dancing. The hair is made out of yarn and tied up in a ponytail. The hair stays out of her eyes as she dances, like a real dancer.

When you open the package, you will notice the loops positioned on the bottom of the ballerina’s feet. These loops allow the ballerina to be placed on your little girl’s feet so that she can dance along without an issue. With such a feature, your child will be able to ballroom dance or dance ballet with her stuffed partner.

This toy is the perfect size for a little dancer to enjoy, especially if she would like to teach her dolly how to dance as she does. It is a bit flimsy for a three-foot toy, but since it is designed to dance with your child, it is not an issue.

Things That We Liked

  • It is soft enough for a child to snuggle to sleep.
  • It has foot covers that allow you to dance with the ballerina.
  • This ballerina is nearly three feet tall.
  • It comes in two different varieties.

Things That We Did Not Like

  • It does not sit up very well.
  • The dress is not removable to play dress up.
  • This isn’t a rough-and-tumble style of dolly; it can feel a bit flimsy at times.

 3. Barbie Made to Move

The Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsThe Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital Gifts

The Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsBuy on Amazon

If your little girl likes Barbies or toys that she can easily use her imagination with, then the Barbie Made to Move is an excellent option for you to consider, especially if you are looking for a doll that can dance with your little girl. You will easily be able to put this dancer in a ballerina pose that is quite realistic thanks to arms and legs that can fully move.

These moveable parts are a great feature because most Barbie’s do not move as you’d like them to, but this option has 22 joints that will give the baby more mobility.  She is going to have flexibility in the neck, the arms, the knees, the hips, the ankles, and nearly any part of the body that you can move while dancing. As a result, you may be amazed at all of the different pirouette poses and plies that this Barbie is capable of, and your daughter will love the chance to explore the toy’s pose options.

Also, Barbie’s outfit can be changed so that it can be a dancer, someone working out, or something else altogether. This featured Barbie is blonde with blue eyes. She is wearing black yoga pants and a shirt that is a knit tri-color experience that looks modern. If a blonde is not your style, there are plenty of other Barbie options that you can choose from to complete your little one’s collection.

Things That We Liked

  • This Barbie moves and stays in the position that you put her in quickly.
  • The freckles on her cheeks look very realistic.
  • Her clothing can swap for any Barbie clothing that fits.
  • She can wear both flat and high heeled shoes.

Things That We Did Not Like

  • This is a Barbie that is only available online.
  • This Barbie is designed to be a bit smaller than the traditional Barbie’s that you may have.


4. Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Genie Shine

The Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsThe Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsThe Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsBuy on Amazon

If your little one likes to sing and dance, then Shine is going to be the perfect option for her to enjoy. She is dressed like a genie; her shirt is blue, her pants are green, and she has a lot of gold in her outfit as well. Also, her hair is a beautiful blue color, and it is not very movable until you reach the ponytail. In other words, it cannot be brushed or moved from her scalp because the hair is hard plastic. A blue brush also comes with her outfit so that your little girl can enjoy brushing her hair.

Shine is designed to move back and forth to the music, and when you speed up, she will too. She knows two songs: the Boom Zahramay Boogie and the Magic Carpet Slide. Both songs will be fun for your little girl to learn. As Shine dances, the gem in her hair will light up.

As a present, she is a fantastic option that will teach your kid all of the moves to these complex and unique dances. She says over 35 interactive phrases, and as your child learns these moves, they will be able to interact more with the genie doll more. If your daughter decides to slow down the tempo of Shine’s dancing, she will easily be able to do so by just slowing down her own dance moves since the genie reacts to whoever she’s dancing with at the moment.

Things That We Liked

  • Her hair is very soft, and it comes with a small brush to use.
  • Shine can do a duet with Shimmer, who is sold separately.
  • The product comes with batteries so that it can function right out of the box.
  • Her tempo will adjust to your child’s dance moves.

Things That We Did Not Like

  • The volume of this toy is quite loud, so if you are getting it as a present, the parents may resent it.
  • Some aspects of this genie are hard plastic, which will not work well for younger children.


5. Lalaloopsy Dance with Me Interactive – Peanut Big Top

The Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsThe Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsThe Best Dolls for Little Dancers - Dance Recital GiftsBuy on Amazon

The last version of a gift idea for dancers that we are going to look at is one that is from Lalaloopsy. Peanut Big Tops is a dancing dolly that is a lot of hard plastic; so she may be best for older children. She has bright pink tresses, a polka dot ribbon in her hair, and an orange tutu dress. The stars on the top of her shoes match the star around her eye. She even has buttons for eyes that are designed to stand out and make her look different.

When you dance with her, she will recognize the moves you do and set her tempo to the same beat. So that she can understand your movements, there is a pink ribbon that you can put around your waist so that you can learn how to do the dances that she knows.

She knows how to dance to three full songs, and there are even eight new dance moves that you can consider learning. She is also designed to talk to your little one; there are 90 different phrases that she can say to communicate with them. The dolly is only about 11-inches tall, and it requires five AA batteries to function.

Things That We Liked

  • You’ll love the unique look of Peanut.
  • If your child slows down their dance, moves, then peanut will as well.
  • Peanut is very polite, so when she needs help getting back up, she asks.
  • The ribbon is a great idea that most little girls will love.

Things That We Did Not Like

  • This is a very loud toy that will require a lot of batteries.
  • The ribbon can easily fall off of your child.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase a toy for your child who loves to dance, there are a few things to consider. These factors will help keep your child safe when she is playing with the new toy as well as give you some parameters to follow as you are looking. Some of the considerations to make include:

Type of Dance Your Kid Enjoys

If your child is in love with ballet, then finding a hip hop master dancer is not going to do much for their mastery of the dance moves. There are quite a few different dancing options that you can consider, so make the choice that is going to be best for your child. Some toys even have true-to-life dance gear that will help your daughter get acquainted with the unique clothing options available for that type of dance.

Consider the Age of Your Child

How old is your child? Based on their age, you may want to get a different kind of doll for them to dance and play with. As your little girl gets older, she is going to want more loose parts on the dolly that she can adjust and play with; however, when she is a youngster, she is going to prefer a toy that does not have hair to brush or clothes to change.

Most of the toys that we have reviewed in this guide are designed for children who are school-aged, but less than seven years old. The dolls can be given to different aged children, as long as you are aware of the components that you will need to watch out for. Remember, if you’re buying for a younger child, hard parts that are made of plastic may not be appropriate. In these cases, cloth dolls with lots of stuffing are the way to go.

What Does the Toy Do?

In general, you are looking for a toy that can dance with your child or at least one that they can take with them to dance class to show off to their friends. Do you want the toy to be able to dance with your child? There are a lot of options that will give you a dancing toy for your little girl, but some of them are more life-sized and require your child to be roughly the same height. Make sure that you always consider this when you are shopping because purchasing a tiny dancer that is designed for a three to four-year-old for a seven-year-old will not work.

If you are looking for a dolly that actively dances with your child, there are great options that do. We reviewed two options that will fully function without an adult’s help. Also, will your child be dancing with the toy or doing more? Does it need to have a soft body so that it can comfortably sleep with your little girl? These are important questions to ask yourself before you make a purchase.

How Loud do you Want the Toy to be in your Home?

Some toys can be very loud, which can be annoying for the parents, especially if they play for them for hours at a time with minimal breaks in between. Do you mind a lot of noise for the toy that you are planning on getting for your child? If you do, then you may want to consider something that is not going to give you a headache after listening to it for a mere couple of hours. Check out our toddler book suggestions if you need a quiet break.

How Often do you Plan to Replace the Batteries?

Most of the toys that require batteries will keep your little one busy for quite a long time, but the batteries are likely to wear out before they stop playing with it. If you are purchasing a new toy for your little dancer, you may need to remember that batteries are required for the toy, which means that it will cost more money in the long run.

Accessories: Which ones are Important to have?

There are a lot of accessories that you may want to get for your kid to go with their dolly. Some are going to be more fun than others for your child to have. Some accessories we see include a hairbrush, a car seat, a bed, a carrier for the dolly, clothing options for dance, and more. Since you are getting a dance partner for your little one, you are going to want accessories that have to do with dancing and getting them dressed for dance.

Additional features that you may want the toy to have include:

The Ability to Talk

Talking is something that we all like to take part in; especially a child who is often told that they need to be quiet when others are talking. Having a toy that can communicate with your child when they want attention can be a big part of their playtime. It is something that can help them learn new words, but it may not be a necessary feature that you need to have on your little girl’s dolly.

The Ability to Dance

Dancing is, of course, something that interests your child, and since you are getting them a gift, it is likely going to be able to dance as well. This dancing mode does not need to be something that is going to take a lot of effort to keep going. Some of the best toys that you can get your little one are the ones that they will need to use their imagination with to create a world where they can easily dance as well as your child.

The Ability to Teach

Teaching is something that you may not find to be essential, especially from a toy that you purchase. However, there are going to be a lot of options that you can consider. You will need to determine how important they are for your child to have.

Best Toy Brands

When you are interested in purchasing a new doll for your little girl, there are going to be quite a few options to consider. There are also a few brands that you will want to look at before you make a purchase; especially since there may be a brand that your child prefers over another one. If you mention a Barbie, your child may say that they would prefer an American Girl instead. Some of the more common brands to consider include:

  • American Girl – This is a line of toys that were first released in 1986. These toys are about 18-inches tall, and they are for 12 to 13-year-old girls. Most of them come with a book that tells their story. The company is a subsidiary of Mattel, and most of the girls have accessories that they can easily use.
  • Barbie – Barbie was first launched in the year 1959, as an option for children to use their imagination to make these Barbie’s take on adult roles. This subsidiary of Mattel is still a favorite for young girls today.
  • Fisher-Price – Also a subsidiary of Mattel, this company has been creating things for young children to enjoy since 1993. But the original company opened its doors in 1930, which was about 88 years ago. Over the years, the company has made over 5,000 different toys for the youngsters of the world. It is one of the best-known brands for children under a certain age.

Lesser-Known Toy Brands

  • Lalaloopsy – Lalaloopsy is a show that currently comes on Netflix, but it came out in the year 2010. The characters on the show are also dolls that your kids can play with. Originally called Bitty Buttons, these little treasures were soon named Lalaloopsy after the show launched.
  • Anico – As a ragdoll company that hit the world by storm, Anico is one of the most popular soft brands that you can purchase for a little one.
  • Butterfly Craze – Opening their doors in 1995, this is a shop that serves children of all ages fun and exciting things to do. Most of the babies from this company are designed to be ballerinas that will light up your life.


Is ballet the only dance option that is available for a toy?

No, of course not. There are a million different dance options that your child can be interested in. The toys that you can get them can be just as varied. If your child is not involved in ballet, other options will interest them more on the market.

Are there options that will dance by themselves with my child?

Yes, some dolls are designed for dancing with your child and giving them someone to dance with. If you get a toy that does the type of dance that your daughter enjoys, then it is highly likely that they will dance with it for hours at a time.

How tall should a dancing dolly be for my princess to enjoy?

If you are looking for a life-sized doll, you will want one that is roughly the height of your daughter. Most life-sized dolls are around three feet tall.

Is it better to get a toy with real hair for my child to practice putting up their hair for dance?

Most little girls will love to do their hair, their mom’s hair or their toy’s hair.  So if you give them a present that has hair that can easily be put up into a ponytail for dance, they are likely to do it. This option will give them practice so that they are prepared to get themselves ready for dance.

What are some of the accessories that my daughter will want for her new toy?

Accessories can be a bit of an investment, especially with a new toy. However, it only takes a few accessories to make a kid happy. One of the biggest sellers amongst these little friends is a hairbrush; and though it can easily get lost, it typically gets a lot of use.

Most of the toys that have to do with dance are designed around little girls. Are there great options that little boys will love?

Yes, some options are designed for little boys to enjoy as well. The options that we have looked at in this guide have pink or purple clothing, but there are male options that little boys who like to dance will enjoy as well.

The Best Dolls for Little Dancers: Our Top Pick is Made to Move Barbie Doll

If you have a little girl who loves dance, then you can easily find many options that they will love. Our top choice is the Made to Move Barbie Doll as it is one of the most recognizable dolls, but with the added range of motion, it is sure to be a hit with your little dancer.  Also, there are several versions of the Made to Move Barbie Doll so you can find one that matches.

The second pick is the Lalaloopsy Dance with Me Interactive Doll. This doll allows your child to play independently while having a fun time. The main problem is the number of batteries needed. The Butterfly Craze Ballerina Doll is another affordable option for tiny dancers that are not ready to play with Barbies.

Some dolls are good at engaging a child but too expensive to afford. Others are affordable but not as fun. For a simple, affordable and sure bet, consider the Barbie Made to Move Doll.