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The day they have been working toward all year has finally come – their dance recital. Every dancer prepares for the dance recital by learning and practicing their dances. It can be an exciting time, but can also be nerve-wracking getting on stage in front of an audience. Dancers deserve recognition and souvenirs to remember their special day, including dance recital flowers or an after performance gift. This guide will help give tips on what flowers to give, when to give them, and other ideas that go with giving your dancer the moment they will remember forever.

The History Behind Dance Recital Flowers

It has been a tradition to give after performance flowers to a dancer. In the early 1900s, dancers were not paid very well, so the audience would present flowers as a form of gratitude for their performance. It was custom for the dancer to bow at the end of the show with the bouquet in hand. Single flowers from the bouquet would be given to a male dancer if one performed alongside the lead dancer. Now, flowers have become a traditional gift to give to all dancers to show admiration of a great show.

The Best Kinds Of FlowersViscaria in Bloom - Dance Recital Flowers -

There is an abundance of flowers that can be given, so how do you know what kind to buy? Many dance studios partner with local florists to make giving dance recital flowers easier. Roses are traditional, as they come in many different colors. You can even buy multicolored roses. Specific colors can often represent certain things, such as yellow meaning friendship or pink can be offered as a sign of appreciation. Carnations can also be a good choice because they are often thought of symbols of pride and can be purchased in different colored bouquets. Other good options include irises, lilies, and viscaria. They are all beautiful and would be much appreciated. Another idea is to color coordinate the flowers with the color of the costume. Of course, if your dancer has a favorite flower, it can be a great choice to go with that type of flower.

When To Give Flowers

Some first-time dance families may not be sure when the best time to give flowers might be. Some might be inclined to provide the flowers during intermission if the dancer can come out from backstage. For younger dancers, this is okay, as long as you get them back for the curtain call. It is recommended to present flowers after the performance. One reason is so the dancer does not need to hold on to them or find them a place to stay while they are backstage. It is also a great, picture perfect moment when the dancer receives her flowers after a successful performance.

The Best Place To Purchase Flowers

As previously mentioned, many dance studios partner with local florists to make purchasing flowers easier. If this is not the case, many places sell flowers to meet your needs. There are many local florists, as well as mainstream retailers, such as ProFlowers or 1800Flowers that have a wide selection. These retailers have the option of ordering flowers online and having them delivered, which can make it more convenient. Also, many grocery stores have a floral department.

Giving Your Dance Teacher A Gift

Dance teachers work hard all year long to get your dancer prepared for the recital. Getting a recital together takes a lot of work and time. It is a nice gesture to give them a gift, or even flowers. Many teachers will appreciate the gift of flowers, but other gifts can be appropriate, as well. Other ideas can include personalized water bottles, dance apparel or accessories, gift cards, or handmade gifts or pictures. Even a card that expresses your gratitude would be much appreciated, as it can say exactly what you want to convey. There are endless ideas, and they can be chosen to meet the specific likes of your dance teacher.

Gifts To Go With Flowers

Some families want to give more than flowers or give something else entirely. Many recitals follow a theme which can go along with the gift, as well. For example, if the theme is Disney, you can get a stuffed Disney character that corresponds with your dancer’s piece. It can also be a book or a piece of jewelry that matches the theme. Other gifts can be personalized for the dancer, such as a new dance bag, T-shirt, or key chain. Anything you can put your dancer’s name on would be a great gift, as it shows you put thought into the present. Some dance studios will offer souvenir gifts or bundles, such as a trophy or charm, that is personalized with the dance year and theme. Other favorite ideas can include new dance gear, tickets to a show, gift cards, or even dinner to a particular restaurant.

What To Give A Male Dancer

While flowers are traditional, some males may not appreciate them as much as the girls. In this case, many alternative gifts can be given to show your appreciation of their successful performance. Young male dancers might like books that showcase a boy dancer or a DVD. They might also like a new shirt or sweatshirt that brags about his dancing talents. Many males might like a medal to wear around their neck or a trophy. Of course, some boys will still appreciate the traditional bouquet of flowers.


In conclusion, it is all about ensuring your dancer enjoys her moment in the spotlight, as this is a once a year occasion. These are memories that will last a lifetime and give your dancer the motivation to continue her talents. Don’t forget to take pictures of your dancer after the recital with her flowers or gift to have to look back on as she gets older. Whether it be flowers or another type of gift, your dancer will appreciate the gesture and be ready to begin preparing for next year’s recital.

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