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Finding the perfect gear is crucial for dancers, and the Bloch Adult Warm-Up Booties are no exception. As we delve into their features, it’s clear that these booties are designed with the performer’s comfort and agility in mind. 

Warm-up booties are essential for dancers to prepare their feet for the strain of performance and practice, providing necessary warmth to enhance flexibility and prevent injuries. These specially crafted items have become a staple in the dance community for their functionality and support to artists before they take the stage.

Bloch, a renowned brand in the dance world, brings a legacy of trust and craftsmanship. The Adult Warm-Up Booties, conceptualized by notable Bloch stars, epitomize this tradition of excellence.

We examined dance booties for comfort, ease of use, and durability. We gathered feedback from real customers to give a complete picture of their performance.

Bottom Line

The Bloch Adult Warm Up Booties are a valuable addition to any dancer’s wardrobe. There’s substantial evidence that they deliver on their promise of keeping feet warm and ready to move.
Are you a dancer looking for that perfect blend of comfort and support? Consider giving these booties a try.

Are you a dancer looking for that perfect blend of comfort and support? Consider giving these booties a try and ensure your feet are stage-ready.

Bloch Women's Warm up Bootie Dance Shoe
  • Made by dancers for dancers
  • Comes in various sizes and colors
  • Light-weight but well-insulated
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Overview: Bloch Women’s Warm Up Bootie Dance Shoe

Initially designed by Bloch stars and American Ballet Theater principal dancers, these warm-up booties show thoughtful consideration for a dancer’s needs. The outer polyester material and man-made sole offer durability. At the same time, the bootie remains light at just 4 ounces, seemingly not adding any unnecessary weight to a dancer’s gear.

Many users find these booties very comfortable, which is crucial for those long hours in the studio or backstage.

The sizing may require attention, as some have found discrepancies and suggest carefully measuring your foot to ensure a proper fit. Also, the absence of materials such as down or fleece may make them slightly less warm than some alternatives.

Still, they remain a cozy choice without additional bulk. It’s clear from the feedback that both dancers and non-dancers enjoy these booties for their warmth and comfort—some even use them to keep warm at home.

Overall, the booties are a fusion of performance, comfort, and stylish “ballet moon boot” design, making them well-recommended for anyone who needs to keep their feet toasty and prepared for movement in chilly conditions.

Features of Bloch Adult Warm Up Booties

Adjustable Bungee Toggle

The inclusion of an adjustable bungee toggle at the top allows for a custom, secure fit that caters to various foot shapes.

Pull Tab

The convenience of the pull tab, with the Bloch logo, makes slipping on the booties a breeze.

Outside Bungee Loop

A bungee loop on the outside is perfect for adding a charm and personalizing your booties.

Polyester Filling

100% polyester filling provides remarkable warmth without compromising on comfort.

Cushioned Hill

Grants supportive padding that’s essential during extensive warm-up sessions.

Nylon Shell

The outside shell is 100% nylon, giving the booties a sturdy feel and water-resistant, which is excellent for durability.

Unique Design and Construction

The Bloch Women’s Warm Up Bootie is designed for dancers by dancers and is excellent at providing warmth and flexibility. Made with sleek polyester fabric and durable man-made materials for the sole, these booties are long-lasting. The 100% nylon fabric offers breathability and insulation, while the lightweight design makes them easy to wear anywhere. These booties are a reliable and cozy option for dancers during warm-up routines, reflecting the quality and functionality that Bloch is known for in dancewear. These booties remain a contemporary option for dancers who want reliable and cozy footwear during warm-up routines.

Comfort and Fit

The Bloch Warm-Up Bootie is comfortable and snug, keeping feet warm during inactivity. It’s important to consult the size chart carefully, as the booties can run large. They are made of light materials for flexibility, but some may prefer more insulation for colder environments. Overall, they are highly regarded by the dance community and beyond for their comfortable and flexible fit.

Versatility and Use Cases

Dancers need reliable footwear, and the Bloch Warm Up Bootie fits the bill. Created by Irina Dvorovenko and Max Beloserkovsky, these booties are designed to keep feet warm and pliable, reduce the risk of strains, and protect against harmful surfaces. They also offer comfort and cushioning and enhance blood circulation and flexible ankles. While they come with a premium price tag and require careful maintenance, professional dancers like Misty Copeland have praised their functional design and comfort during vigorous rehearsals. Prospective buyers should weigh the significance of these factors, but for serious dancers, the investment may be worth it.

Pros and Cons

When assessing these dance shoes, we’ve gathered a range of positives that might interest potential buyers, alongside a few drawbacks to consider.


  • Craftsmanship: Many users find the Bloch booties very well made, showcasing the manufacturer’s commitment to quality.
  • Comfort: The booties are often cited as comfortable, with a flat padded insole that provides warmth and a relaxed fitting, making them suitable for various uses, not just for dancers.
  • Style: The aesthetic of the bootie is generally met with approval, described as attractive with a cute appeal likened to “ballet moon boots.”
  • Versatility: Several users mention using booties for dance warmth and comfort at home or during other activities.


  • Sizing: Sizing can be tricky as there seems to be some confusion regarding the correspondence to standard US shoe sizes; accurate measurement before purchasing is advisable.
  • Warmth material: While the warmth of the bootie is praised, some users noted a preference for traditional materials like down, fleece, or shearling for added warmth, which these booties lack.
  • Oversizing: A few users found their booties to fit larger than expected, which might indicate inconsistency in sizing or a need for more precise sizing guidelines from the manufacturer.

In summary, the Bloch booties are received favorably for their quality, style, and versatility, but the sizing issues and material elements for warmth may need more attention from prospective buyers.

Customer Reviews

The general sentiment from customers who’ve purchased the Bloch Women’s Warm Up Bootie is satisfaction. With an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of over 2300 reviews, it’s clear these dance boots are well-received.

Many praise the booties for their comfort, citing the snug, warm feel as ideal for in-studio wear or simply staying cozy at home. A highlight for many is the versatility of the booties – customers use them for various activities, from performances to casual wear.

While most reviews veer on the positive, a minor critique points out the lack of natural insulating materials like down or fleece. Size is also a point of discussion; most customers recommend paying close attention to sizing guidelines to ensure a good fit, as some found the boots ran large.

Overall, the response is positive, with dancers and non-dancers finding multiple reasons to appreciate and recommend the Bloch Warm Up Booties.


The Bloch Women’s Warm Up Bootie is a hit among dancers and non-dancers. These booties offer exceptional comfort and warmth and are perfect for staying cozy between classes. They’re carefully crafted and feature a stylish ‘ballet moon boot’ design. Their flat, comfy padding and lightweight construction make them perfect for anyone who demands both comfort and quality. We highly recommend these booties to anyone seeking premium dance footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering the addition of warm-up booties to a dance routine, our readers often have pertinent queries they seek answers to. We’ve compiled the most common questions we encounter about Bloch Warm Up Booties and provided straightforward insights to help in decision-making.

What is the purpose of wearing Bloch Warm Up Booties during dance sessions?

Warm-up booties are designed to keep dancers’ feet warm and prepared for performance. The purpose is to preserve the muscles’ temperature, offering comfort and reducing the risk of injury during rigorous dance sessions.

How do Bloch Warm Up Booties compare in terms of durability and comfort?

Based on gathered user feedback, these booties generally receive praise for their durability and comfort. The polyester and man-made sole contribute to their longevity, while the 100% Nylon fabric ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

How to know if your dancer needs warm up booties?

Your dancer might benefit from warm-up booties if they often have cold feet, dance in cold environments, or require extended warm-up periods. These booties can enhance comfort and flexibility during the crucial pre-performance phase.

Can boys wear warm up booties too?

Absolutely. The design of these warm-up booties is unisex, catering to both female and male dancers. The design was a collective effort of both a male and female principal dancer, emphasizing versatility and inclusivity.

What should I consider when choosing the correct size for Bloch Warm Up Booties?

Choosing the right size is crucial. You should look at the corresponding shoe size charts that Bloch provides. Keep in mind that the booties are designed for a snug fit to ensure proper warmth and should accommodate the usual dance footwear worn underneath.

Can Bloch Warm Up Booties be worn for outdoor activities, or are they strictly for indoor use?

These booties are optimized for indoor use, primarily with the intent of dance practice and warm-up sessions. While some may use them outdoors briefly, their construction isn’t intended for prolonged outdoor activities.

Are there specific Bloch Warm Up Bootie models for children, and how do they differ from adult versions?

There are indeed specific sizes for children, with design parameters adjusted to better fit younger dancers. The core functionalities remain the same, but sizes and proportions are scaled to cater to children’s needs.

What has been the general user feedback regarding the Bloch Warm Up Booties based on Amazon reviews?

The overall user feedback on Amazon is highly positive, with many praising their warmth, fit, and quality. Users appreciate the ease of slipping them over dance shoes and the coziness they provide during downtime in dance sessions. Some note to pay close attention to sizing for optimal experience.

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